The Street

He likes Istiklal Street so much. When he was at home, he was longing for this street. Because, when he was alone at home he was immerged in thoughts, and these thoughts were bothering him. Because of this reason, he would like to throw himself among the crowds as soon as possible. Istiklal Street was a perfect place in this view. He would not fall into thoughts. He would give himself over the atmosphere of the street; the time was flowing as water while he was looking to the passersby and stores. While he was taking a walk in Istiklal Street one a day, he saw a dog in the corner of the street. The dog was staring at the passerby in the street. For a while he made a comparison between the dog and himself, but then he said “Come on, I have an intellect, but it has not”. He was keeping to walking in the street peacefully.

Serdar Kocabaş


Translated by Muhsine Fatma Türk

Hikâyenin Türkçesi


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