Going Home With Two Bread

I bought two loaves of bread from the grocery. A young man in twenties who wore a patched trouser and a shabby and dirty pullover was coming towards me with his bowed head and dragged feet while I was going to home. I thought that he was drug user and he would ask for money. I could give a loaf of my breads if he would like but I was ready to fight with him if he asks a few tinkled coins which I saved from the shopping. It did not happen as I anticipated. He passed by me and went as he had never seen me. In this moment I put my hand into my pocket. The coldness of the coins which I felt with the nerves in my fingertips aroused my compassion by sending signals to my brain. I was being shaking and I thought that if so he would really needs of it, I should give him the three coins which I saved from the shopping. I shouted him right. He turned to me. I went to him and handed over to him. Even I said so “Here you are!”, he said “Put the money in your pocket. I have a pretty good gaining today.” and showed the banknotes and coins as he took out from his pocket. I was being surprised over this while he was throwing smiles as showing his missed teeth. And he added “You are look like a student, you are need of that money.” and he continued to rub the way as he turned his back. My hand had being idled without shaking with him. As my breathing was returning to the normal, I shouted after him “Since you feel pity of students, well, you give a little bit of the money which you have in your pocket.” I called after him. But he did not hear me.

Muhammet Emin Oyar


Translated  by Muhsine Fatma Türk 

Hikayenin Türkçesi


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